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Join Now at $425/month (Reg. $525)

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Are you tired of always being waaay on

or waaay off a diet?

Finding balance with food shouldn't be so difficult.


But without a simple, specific, and sustainable system, it's going to cost you...


  • You will keep jumping from diet to diet and stay on The Diet Triangle .
  • You'll feel discouarged with yourself.
  • You'll wonder if you'll ever be able to trust yourself with food.
  • Your mind will overthink and obsess over tiny details when it comes to food. 
  • You’ll keep guessing at which diet is right for you and will lead to success.
  • You'll have to keep buying clothes in different sizes depending on which end of The Diet Triangle you're currently on.


You don’t have to live the rest of your life on the extreme ends of The Diet Triangle. Join Imperfect Eating Mastery and get everything you need to become a moderate and balanced eater who doesn’t have to keep searching for new diets - you’ll actually know how to eat for your body and consistently take daily action.

Join Now at $425/month (Reg. $525)

Your Registration Gives You Everything You Need to Find LONG-TERM Balance With Food. 

Daily Online Course

The daily online course and course workbook will take the mystery out of finding balance with food. Easy recipes and emotional eating solutions included! You'll know what to do when there's a family illness or a family vacation.

1:1 Weekly Coaching

I'll meet you on Zoom to coach, troubleshoot, and answer all your questions. We'll meet every week for 12 weeks even when life is imperfect so we encounter all life's obstacles, and you'll create LONG-TERM success.

Customized Success Plan

I don't just give you a bunch of videos and say see ya! Your success is my #1 goal. You get a customized success plan, course workbook, and accountability. Your success with this program is inevitable. We're going to make it happen!

Join Now at $425/month (Reg. $525)

Your Guide


Imperfect Eating Mastery is taught and coached by me, Jaclyn Ricchio Stover!
I am a Certified Health and Life Coach. I am also a former kindergarten teacher, and I have a Masters Degree in Education. Teaching and behavior change is my thing! 
After years and years of yo-yo dieting and a terrible pizza binge after my 4th Whole30, I set out to learn how to have some pizza without eating all the pizza. I've been blogging, coaching, and teaching Imperfect Eating since 2016. 
I coach my clients to have a balanced relationship with food and be consistent movement. I'm not interested in your 30 day success. Anyone can restrict and be perfect for 30 days. Yuck. I'm interested in your 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year success. I'm interested in helping you create a long-term and healthy relationship with food, exercise, your body, and the shit you say in your head.
And if you're needing to hear that weight loss is possible with this-yes, it is. I'm down 32lbs from my heaviest weight, and I don't obsess over food or the scale. 

What's My Investment

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3 payments of $425 (reg. $525)

What's included:

  • 8-week online course and daily accountability check-ins ($1000 value)
  • 12 weekly coaching calls WITH JACLYN ($1200 value)
  • Hard copies of Imperfect Eating Mastery Workbook, Movement Menu, and 365 Habit Tracker ($50 value)
  • Ending your decades-long food-prison sentence and finding long-term balance with food (priceless!)
Join Now at $425/month (Reg. $525)

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Join Now at $425/month (Reg. $525)

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Join Now at $425/month (Reg. $525)