20ish Grams of Protein

imperfect eating meals Nov 08, 2023

I'm not really a details person, so the thought of measuring, weighing, and logging food is not appealing to me.

But I know eating enough protein is important.

I aim for 20ish gramas of protein at each meal. 


If I am making a protein shake, the protein powder has at least 20g protein.

If I am eating yogurt, I can look at the back of the container and guestimate the serving to get 20ish grams.

If I am eating meat, I guestimate a palm size of protein.

If I am eating eggs, I am having 2 (with some beans or something else) or possibly 3!


It's not perfect. It's not precise. It's definitely imperfect, but it's doable. And that's what we're looking for.


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