New Get Consistent With

get consistent with Apr 26, 2024

I am excited about my new Get Consistent With program.


I am excited to work with people who are committed to getting consistent with mornings, meals, or movement.


I am excited to be their guide and help them overcome their excuses and things that have tripped them up in the past.


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Sunday Reflection - Week 2

A few months ago, I started a new habit on Sundays: 

1. Go to run class

2. Go to coffee shop afterwards to work on things for myself


I love it! It's just time for my to get my life in check. Focus on me.

Well last week I decided to use a Coaching Workbook page I give my...

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Sunday Reflection - Week 1

Welcome to my first Sunday Reflection of the year. This is a workbook page I use with my coaching clients, and I decided it's something I can use for myself too to hold myself accountable to the changes I want to make in 2024.


Great first week of the year! I was just writing in my journal...

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Get Consistent With ___ in 2024!

get consistent with Jan 01, 2024

Happy New Year! Wow, 2023 was quite the year. As we start 2024, I am so excited for my Get Consistent With program. I am so confident this program can help anyone get consistent with anything. As long as you watch the videos, show up to the weekly coaching calls, and take action...

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New workbook for clients!

get consistent with Dec 11, 2023

I just finished editing this last night and am super excited to ship it to a client continuing on with me for another 8+ weeks.


I first started creating workbooks back in 2020 and they have evolved since then.


More details on working with me in 2024 to come soon!


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