Deadlifting 185lbs!

lift weights Mar 04, 2024

Getting closer and closer to my goal of 200lbs.


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Lifting gains!

So proud of these lifting gains of the year.

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Hiking + lifting, is this my real life?!

lift weights Jan 15, 2024

We went for a beautiful 75-minute hike. It was hard right from the start, and then the descent was also tough! But it was great!





And then I finished the night with an hour workout where I squatted 157.5lbs and deadlifted 165lbs, both personal records!

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The road to 200lbs!

lift weights Jan 05, 2024

I have been working on a goal of squatting and deadlifting 200lbs for a while now.

Yesterday I hit a new PR for squatting. 150lbs!

I love working on getting stronger rather than focusing on being skinny.


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How to Get the Best Results

Currently rereading Atomic Habits with my client and just have so many good nuggets.


Reading the book reminds me why I named the website Systems for Self-Care.


Goals give us direction, but systems bring us there.

The purpose of goals is to win the game, but the purpose of systems is...

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Getting myself to workout today

In an ideal world, I’d always feel excited to go to the gym for my 7pm workout.
In the current world, I’m not always excited. But I’m here!
How’d I get here? Well after sitting in my living room unable to move, frozen in place thinking about how I should get...
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The Road to 200lbs

I can't run very well right now. I haven't been able to run well for a bit, and it's frustrating because that is what I want to be doing.


But earlier this year, I declared that I wanted to see myself as a weight-lifter. And I started the Strong Lifts 5x5 plan.


As I got pretty...

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The best way to feel good about yourself

lift weights Oct 12, 2023

Lift weights. You feel strong. You feel empowered. You realize you can do things you never thought you'd ever be able to do.


Lift weights. Not 5 and 10lbs weights. Heavy weights. The bar. 10lbs plates. 25lbs plates. Get strong.


You'll feel good about yourself.

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