Sunday Reflection - Week 6

sunday reflection Feb 11, 2024

It was not a perfect week, it was not a great week, and while that's frustrating, I remind myself it is normal and to just take action again. The big thing is SLEEP!! 


Sleep helps all!





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Sunday Reflection - Week 4

sunday reflection Jan 28, 2024

End of January! I think this is the strongest and most consistent January I have ever had!


Before we get to that, can we talk about my pup's birthday?

Jameson turned 17. It's insane. There have been 3 times I thought she was going to die- when she had Old Dog Syndrome 2x and when we first...

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Sunday Reflection - Week 3

sunday reflection Jan 21, 2024

Can't believe January is almost over!

Great start to 2024. 







See ya next week!

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Sunday Reflection - Week 2

A few months ago, I started a new habit on Sundays: 

1. Go to run class

2. Go to coffee shop afterwards to work on things for myself


I love it! It's just time for my to get my life in check. Focus on me.

Well last week I decided to use a Coaching Workbook page I give my...

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Sunday Reflection - Week 1

Welcome to my first Sunday Reflection of the year. This is a workbook page I use with my coaching clients, and I decided it's something I can use for myself too to hold myself accountable to the changes I want to make in 2024.


Great first week of the year! I was just writing in my journal...

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