Something is always better than nothing

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2024

Doing something helps you keep the promise to yourself.

Doing nothing means you have to start all over again later.

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40g protein at breakfast

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2024

I was working on my newsletter and found out I eat a lot of protein at breakfast.

I aim for at least 20g and found out I am getting way more.

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Dishes + Sleep

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2024

I was looking at my habit trackers for dishes and sleep yesterday.


Dishes- going well. I've taken action most days and only a few days I missed. Paul has even started helping. Sometimes he starts the dishes, and I finish or I start and he finishes. We get them all done at night so in the...

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Seeing my body change

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2024

I want to look my athletic. Muscular. In shape. But I do not want to be obsessed with it.


I've been working out pretty consistently for the last year and I would say over the last 2 months, I am starting to see major changes in how my shoulder and biceps and quads and abs look.



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A great run class

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2024

Today was a great run class. I was able to push myself and feel like I gave it my all. Not every class is like that. A lot of classes are mediocre and just about keeping the habit. But today was great.

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Feeling lost without your routine

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2024

I've noticed that when my mornings get messed up, it's hard for me to feel satisfied with my day.


Example: Yesterday I had a call at 7am so I had to miss my early morning run class. I still went for a 30 minute walk after the call, but I felt like something was missing by not getting to my...

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Group coaching?

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2024

I have been thinking about launching a group coaching program. I haven't done this since 2020. I think I got very overwhelmed during the pandemic, and group coaching felt too much.


But I've been craving building a community. I know being art of a group helps people... you feel less alone.

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Sunday Reflection - Week 6

sunday reflection Feb 11, 2024

It was not a perfect week, it was not a great week, and while that's frustrating, I remind myself it is normal and to just take action again. The big thing is SLEEP!! 


Sleep helps all!





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Rest day is the best day

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2024

Rest day is the best day. 

It felt great to take a break today.


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Taking action

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2024

This morning in my book, I was reading some questions about how to structure your life differently to change the problem you're having.


As I look back on the last few months, it's cool to see I am making changes by taking action.


  • I joined a gym. I go to group fitness classes every...
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