I hurt my back

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2024

Ugh, I hurt my back.


I had such a great week off from work! I went to my running gym and either walked and ran every morning. And I got so much sleep. And then we went to a new Crossfit gym, and we went 2x during the week and 1x on Saturday morning.


15 mins into the workout, I hurt my back. We were doing medicine ball slams where you have a 25lbs ball, throw it down to the ground, and then get down and pick it up again. 


I had done a few rounds and everything was fine until I told myself to move faster and beat someone who was in front of me, and that's when I hurt my back.


Ugh, so annoyed with myself for getting competitive. I swear I always get hurt when I try to compete with someone around me. It's a good reminder to go at my own pace and play my own game instead of an imaginary game against someone else. It's not worth it to me to try to win this fake game when the consequences are me possibly getting hurt and not being able to play at all.


So today I am doing my best to move around, walk, stretch, foam roll, rest, ice, heat, and repeat. Nothing strenuous. Just trying to get better. 


I feel like I have to learn these lessons every now and then. But it is what it is! Sometimes we need that repetition to really learn something.


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