Getting back on track after you stop taking action

I didn't work out Thursday and Friday. I did my walks with the pup in the morning and evening and did some stretches at home but didn't head to the gym.


Saturday morning, I wake up and am having that convo in my head.


You know the one.


"You didn't workout...

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The Big 5+1 Motivational Journal

At first, the journal was simple and doable.

And then I added too much, made it really complicated, and didn't stick with it.

And then I came back, simplified it, and stuck with it.

And you know what? It has changed my life.

Taking action with this simple journal every day has changed my life.


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47-Find Your Motivation + List Your Steps


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32- Chunk Up/Chunk Down

motivation Feb 03, 2021


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31- Avoid Overwhelm

motivation Feb 03, 2021


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30- Wanna Maintain Motivation? Hang Out in the Motivation Zone

motivation Feb 01, 2021


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29- Do This Worksheet

motivation Jan 31, 2021


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motivation Jan 30, 2021


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