I don't want to today...

I started a new habit of heading to the gym every night, and tonight I don't really want to!


But I also know I will feel really annoyed with myself if I don't go. 

I will feel resentful- I spend all day working and no time working on myself or my own goals.

I know going will help me feel better about myself. 

I always feel proud and pleased I went to the gym.


My mantra: It's easy and fun to head to the gym at 7pm. I love working on my goal of squatting 200lbs.


I think when starting a new habit, people expect that they will be super excited all the time. They think that's what motivation will look like. I'm not super excited to head to the gym tonight. No. But I'm motivated. I have a goal I am working on and I don't want to F things up for myself. 


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