Protein Dessert

dessert imperfect eating Nov 09, 2023

Years ago I learned how to have some dessert without eating all the dessert by practicing having some dessert every night.

I'd mix protein powder with a little almond milk to create a brownie batter consistency, and then I'd eat it straight from the bowl.


Eating enough protein is a...

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Delicious protein dessert

dessert Sep 20, 2023

I started eating dessert every night after quitting Whole30. I think it was a rebellion against the strict rules of Whole30 which does not let you eat any dessert, even healthy desserts.


I've been eating a small portion of dessert everyish night since March 2016 :)


Now because I am...

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Can I eat a cookie on a diet?

If you feel like you’re a carb addict, cool, a lot of people do. There’s nothing wrong with you. Carbs are delicious. This is why a lot of people turn to diets like keto, Whole30, and low-carb.


They're afraid they're overdoing it on the carbs.


But let's break this down....

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