Can I eat a cookie on a diet?

If you feel like you’re a carb addict, cool, a lot of people do. There’s nothing wrong with you. Carbs are delicious. This is why a lot of people turn to diets like keto, Whole30, and low-carb.


They're afraid they're overdoing it on the carbs.


But let's break this down.

What we call carbs is an oversimplification.


Food HAS carbs. Food isn’t carbs. Vegetables have carbs. Fruit has carbs. Rice has carbs. Potatoes have carbs. Beans have carbs. Bread has carbs. Cookies have carbs. Donuts have carbs.


I think sometimes we demonize “carbs” which puts them on a pedestal so when we do have them, we feel guilty, we feel bad, and we haven’t had them in so long so we binge and the only way we know out of the binge, the only way we know how to recover is to deprive. To restrict.


So we tell ourselves we’re carb addicts. We put a label on ourselves.



And we feel “good” when we turn one down. This whole good/bad thing can really mess up our relationship with food.

In #imperfecteating, I teach my clients to fill up on the first 2 P’s (plants and protein... and use fat and carbs as toppings and sidecars to the meal to make it enjoyable) and then when the third P comes along, the PROCESSED fun food, it is literally not the big deal that clean eating gurus make it out to be. You can have some or not.


Having some doesn’t make you an addict.


We get to choose what it means.


For me, it means I’m a normal human on this planet who doesn’t want to live in fear of the cookies people bring to my co-working space.

Who doesn’t want to live in fear of the chocolates at my in-laws’ house.

Who doesn’t want to live in fear of the Christmas cookies my aunt makes.



After a few months of practicing this, we’re not in this food prison anymore. 

We’re just normal humans living life. Imagine that.

It’s a crazy and freeing feeling. I don’t feel empowered by my food choices. I don’t feel good. I don’t feel bad. They’re literally just a few of the million decisions I make in a day and they don’t control me.


You can stop trying to do perfect diets.

They will tell you to keep demonizing the cookies.

A cookie can really just be a cookie with imperfect eating. 


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