6 Weeks

jameson Apr 23, 2024

How has it already been 6 weeks since Jameson's been gone?

I sometimes still feel like she is just at my parents' house and we are going to go pick her up soon.

I miss her so much. 

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jameson Apr 16, 2024

Sometimes I wonder if the vet lied to us and Jameson is actually still alive and at the vet's house running around having fun and we just don't know about it.


I think sometimes I hope that is the truth because imagining a world without her is awful. I want her to be somewhere running...

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I miss Jameson

jameson Mar 30, 2024

It's been 3 weeks since we said bye to the pup. I am not hurting as much, but I feel like she is fading, and I hate that. It's like my brain is forgetting parts of my day with her so now it's not as triggering to open the fridge and not wonder where she is or get out of the shower and not see her...

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How I've been moving through the grief

jameson Mar 25, 2024

At some point in life, we are all going to go through something painful like losing a loved one. It sucks. But it's inevitable.

What has helped me:


1. Reading/learning about grief. Just a few weeks before saying goodbye to Jameson, I read a few chapters about grief in the book Why...

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It's been a week

jameson Mar 19, 2024

My heart hurts so much for my pup. I don't feel creative or excited to write or teach or work. I am reading a book about emotions and recognizing that the way I am feeling is normal. I am reminding myself I haven't always felt this way and it won't always be this way.

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Saying goodbye to Jameson

jameson Mar 17, 2024

Last Monday, we had to say goodbye to our pup Jameson, so if this topic is triggering for you, go ahead and stop today’s episode and join me again next week.


I think I wanted to create today’s episode as a way for me to process this past week. I also want to do something...

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jameson Mar 14, 2024

I miss the pup so much. I am allowing myself to cry but also making myself go to my running class in the morning and for walks throughout the day. Showering is a non-negotiable too!


I just miss her so much.

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I miss her

jameson Mar 13, 2024

I miss her

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