Motivation when starting a new habit

When you're starting a new habit, people expect motivation to feel like high energy. They expect to feel really excited about something...


But starting a new habit is hard. You're asking your brain to rewire. You're asking yourself to do something you've never done before. 


You might not feel really excited to do the thing.


But you decided you're sick and tired of where you currently are and you NEED to do something to make a change.


Thinking about the pain and frustration I am feeling gets me to take action to change my life.

I am not excited to take action but I'm tired of feeling how I feel.


If you're not super excited to take action, well, that's normal. Stop expecting to feel excited!

Start small. Start doing small things at first and build those up.


Start building systems which will help build momentum.


Stop waiting to feel excited.


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