Getting myself to workout today

In an ideal world, I’d always feel excited to go to the gym for my 7pm workout.
In the current world, I’m not always excited. But I’m here!
How’d I get here? Well after sitting in my living room unable to move, frozen in place thinking about how I should get here but can’t, I forced myself to:
  1. Think about the pain I’m going to experience if I don’t go. Annoyed with myself. It always happens that I’m annoyed with myself for not going when I said I would. I’ve never felt satisfied with myself for not following through.
  2. Think about the pleasure I’d experience if I went. I’d feel proud of myself. I’d feel satisfied with myself. I’d feel strong. Physically and mentally. I like seeing my muscles grow. I also like being a person who goes to the gym.
  3. Allow myself to do something small. I didn’t have to do an intense workout. But doing nothing at all wasn’t an option. So here I am walking on the treadmill at 2.3 and typing in the notes section on my phone. I am also looking at the barbell right now thinking about how I want to lift. Something that felt impossible literally 20 mins ago. Sometimes just getting myself to the gym is all I need to do for things to fall in place.
Alright! Here go!
Btw, do you have my motivational journal prompt? It’s what happens in my head to get me to take action.

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