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beliefs consistency habits Apr 08, 2021

One of the BIG reasons that I have been able to stick with healthy eating, running, lifting, daily reading, journaling, and waking up early is because I shifted my beliefs about myself. 


I used to see myself as a quitter.

I was never able to finish things.

I didn't think highly of myself.

I didn't believe in myself.

I didn't really believe anything about myself.




In 2014, when I first started running and was getting ready for my first 5k, I started to shift my beliefs. They were shaky at first.


"Well, maybe I can do this. Maybe I am going to make myself do this. Maybe I am doing this! Wow, I just did that! Ok, I bet I can get myself to do it again!"


My beliefs aren't shaky anymore.

And my daily actions aren't shaky anymore.


Now I see myself as a runner. I run several tmes a week.

Now I see myself as a healthy eater. I eat healthy every day without doing challenges.

Now I see myself as a writer. I write everyish day!

Now I see myself as a morning person! I get up and exercise before starting work!


If you're not where you want to be, 

if you're not consistently doing the actions you want to be doing,

let's look at your beliefs.



When you identify how you want to see yourself, it will help with the daily actions you take.




This is a really easy morning journal template I created years ago that helped me start being a morning journaler!

I have changed it a few times, so if you were with my years ago, it might look different now than you're used to. (You have my permission to mold it how you see fit!)



It's called 3-2-1 Journaling. It takes 5 minutes to do and is great to start a morning journaling habit.


3- List 3 empowering beliefs you WANT to believe about yourself.

2- Write 2 pieces of evidence that those things are true.

1- Obviously not everything is going well, but you can't try to change everything at once. Write 1 thing you want to change today. 1 action you want to take today.




3 Beliefs- I am a healthy eater. I am a runner. I am a kind person.


2 Pieces of Evidence- I make and eat 5P salads every day for lunch and have just a single serving dessert after dinner. I AM a healthy eater!

I make meals for my husband and I stopped gossiping behind peoples' backs and just say nothing. I AM a kind person.


1 Change- I have been neglecting running. I really want to see myself as a runner, but I haven't been doing it very often so it's hard to say that about myself. I really want to be a runner and see myself as a runner. I know I can do it. I know I can be a runner. Today I am going for a 20 min run/walk and will start using the 365 Habit Tracker to track my daily running actions.



If you want to get out of being stuck and start moving forward, get in the habit of using the 3-2-1 Journaling template to create empowering beliefs and take action!


When you do this, you're going to start to see your life change. You're going to look back a year from now and be like, "Whoa, did I really do all of that!"




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