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clients Oct 02, 2023

So many of my clients decide to work with me because they're tired of doing extreme diets and tired of quitting on themselves later. 


So many of them come to me with obsessions with their bodies, the scale, and feeling less than...


For those reasons, we do NOT use the scale or photos to judge progress.


We use their weekly workbook of actions and 3 questions:


1. Are you experiencing your problem less frequently?

2. Less intensely? 

3. Is the duration shorter?


So when someone is snacking, grazing, or bingeing, those questions help us see if they are changing.


See what my client wrote today




This is what progress actually looks. This is what sustainable behavior change looks like. I am just so happy for this person.


p.s. If you are tired of starting and stopping, maybe my coaching program is the right fit for you. Reach out: [email protected]


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