Exercise and mental health

I had to be at a conference today for work and didn't get to workout in the morning how I usually do. I did a 20-minute walk outside with some stretches and step-ups on benches, but I didn't get my heart rate up like I like to do. 


Fast forward a few hours later: I had a really bad mental health day. Just thinking the worst thoughts. A little crying. Sluggish. I got home and crawled into bed and slept.


And when I woke up, I had to make the decision:

1. Do I let myself just be a slug all day and try again tomorrow?

2. Or do I force myself to go workout?



I thought about being a slug. But being a slug makes me feel even worse. Watching TV, laying around, just being lazy... it makes me feel shitty. I don't feel relaxed during these non-activities.


So I forced myself to workout. I went to my running class and had the best run ever. I left the class and felt accomplished. I felt proud of myself. I felt great!


When I got home, I told Paul that if I am having a bad mental health day, it's probably because I didn't workout in the morning, and those are the days I need to force myself to workout. I just do. Even if it's not an intense run, I still need to get to another place and move my body.


Movement for mental health has saved me.


Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


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