Focus on doing just the minimum consistently

My client was trying to fit in long morning workouts, it wasn't happening consistently, and then she was beating herself up for only getting in a 15-minute workout. 

We chatted about maybe flipping the expectations. Instead of thinking she had to get in a 45-minute workout in order for it "to count"... we decided to focus on just getting in a 15-minute workout every day. Heck, maybe even just a 1-minute workout if that's all she had time for.

And a strange thing happened. Some days she ended up doing 20, 30, even a 45 minute workout. 

By focusing on just showing up and doing the minimum consistently, she released a lot of pressure on herself and was able to do even more than just 15 minutes.

But you know what- I would have said a daily 15-minute or a daily 1-minute workout would have been a success too.

Oftentimes we expect too much of ourselves, we aren't able to rise to the occasion, and we fall apart because we failed.

Instead of expecting ourselves to push harder, what if we let ourselves do the minimum but do it consistently? When life is really tough, you're not going to be able to do the maximum. When life is really tough, just do the minimum, keep the habit, and move forward.


I love the way my Consistency Camp and Get Consistent With programs are going. My clients are seeing the success they want. Every single one of them. And that's because we're focusing on minimums instead of maximums. 


I'm excited to see where these programs take people.


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