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consistency movement neat Oct 04, 2023

When I started working from home in 2018, I was horrified to see how sedentary I had become.


Sure, I was still exercising and running, but walking throughout the day? Much less. I was no longer walking from my apartment to my car. No longer walking from my car to place of work. No longer walking in the work building.


I was just at a desk. On a computer. Getting very few steps.


Things actually got worse when we moved to California. Our apartment is SOOOO TINY. If you're in a big house, it might take you 50 steps to get to your fridge. It takes me 6. I just put my computer down to test it out. 6 steps to my fridge. 6 steps back. YIKES.


So because I love creating solutions to problems I am having, I knew I needed to create a system for getting in more movement. Trial and error, and this is what it currently is.


1. I take Jameson for a walk during my daily 10am call. Jameson is pretty slow, so it's not a super long or fast walk. We walk for about 10 minutes.


2. Anytime I finish a Zoom call, I close my computer and go around the block. I am usually gone for 4 minutes. More if I know I don't have anything else to do. But even on my busiest day with meetings back to back, I force myself to go on a 4-minute walk.


3. I go for a walk at the end of the evening. I have a step goal of 8000 steps every day. Sometimes this walk is 30 minutes so I can get the steps I need. Sometimes it's a 10-minute walk because I've already hit my step goal, but I am just following through with the action to keep the habit.



It took some time to figure these things out. And it hasn't always been super successful from the get-go. I've been trying to implement a 20-minute walk around 12 pm every day, but it just hasn't happened yet. One day I will get it. I will use The Big 5 +1 Motivational Journal to get me there :)


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