How to have some pizza without eating all the pizza

imperfect eating pizza Sep 01, 2023

Back in March 2016, I finished my fourth and final Wholeo30.


And then the next weekend, I ate half of an XL pizza, cookies, kettle corn, and a chocolate cake that didn't even taste good, but It felt like I needed to keep eating it.


After that terrible weekend binge, I didn't vow to never eat pizza again. I vowed to never do Whole30 again.

I started to see that dieting was actually causing the binge. It was not solving binge eating.


After that terrible weekend binge, I started to figure out how to eat some pizza without eating all the pizza.


I started to come up with a system for eating so I felt good and didn't feel gross.


Here's the thing with pizza-it can't be your entire meal. There has to be something on your plate that will help fill you up besides pizza. Perhaps a salad with protein with your pizza!


Paul made pizza (and salad) for dinner and noticed the back of the box was telling us to do this very same thing.




I am pretty sure I have used that same salad clipart on Canva for guides I've made! So funny.



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