It's Easy If You Let It Be. It's Hard If You Let It Be.

habits Nov 14, 2023

I am working on a new habit of heading to the gym to lift at 7pm. And I was thinking about how starting a new habit can be easy if we let it be.


Oftentimes, I overcomplicate things and it's the overcomplication that makes it so hard to take action.


But my new habit is easy. At 6:45pm, an alarm goes off on my phone. I don't want to head to the gym. I'm not excited to head to the gym. But I am motivated to change my life. I'm sick and tired of feeling how I am feeling. I lost my consistency with lifting. While I've been exercising daily and lifting dumbbells, I miss the barbell. I miss working on my goal of lifting 200lbs.


So when the alarm goes off, it doesn't matter if I am protesting in my head. The parent in me kicks in and tells me it's time to go. 


And so far, it's been easy. There's no "but just this once" because I know what that turns into!


I have clear boundaries and structure. Head to gym at 7pm.


I have flexibility and novelty. On Mondays, not lifting. Just walking to keep the habit. Novelty- I watched a comedy special while on the treadmilll.



Starting a new habit is only hard if we let it be hard.




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