Morning Movement

A few weeks ago, Paul and I started doing a 30-45 minute walk in the morning.

I love it because:

1. I get to move my body first thing which is just so crucial for my mental health.

2. I get to start the day by spending time with Paul. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes it is silent. Sometimes we hold hands. It's just nice to start the day with an activity together.

3. I know exactly what I am going to be doing. There is no decision-making involved. Wake up and walk. That's it.

4. I get to be outside and feel cool air on my skin. I sit at a desk inside for most of the day, and I love starting the day by being outside.

5. It's a habit I can do anywhere. I will be traveling soon, and I know that I can walk outside first thing. Maybe even call Paul to walk with him on the phone. Either way, I know it's a habit I can continue on with no matter what.



When I work with clients and help them get consistent with something, we always talk about making it easy, reducing decisions, and making sure its something they enjoy and can actually do when life is crazy.



It's easy and fun to head out for a walk in the morning. 


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