My mental health needs movement

This morning I woke up and didn't want to go to the gym. But the truth is, I never want to go to the gym.

I never want to do anything.

But I know if I let myself just lay in bed, I feel horrible, and I feel horrible about myself.

I feel lethargic all day. And I get mad at myself for having not gone.

Because I haven't started my day with a win, it's harder to take action on anything else. There's no momentum.

And I can sink into a depressive hole.


So after years and years of struggling with that, I've learned my mental health needs movement.

I can help my mental health by exercising daily.

No, not by doing an intense workout every day. 

But by moving my body every day.



Somedays lifting 100lbs.

Somedays walking or just biking.

Somedays running a few miles.

Somedays stretching and foam rolling.


But movement every day. My mental health needs movement.


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