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consistency habits journal Nov 12, 2023

I created something for me, and now I want to share it with you! 


Years ago, I was struggling to start my work day. I was working on, felt imposter syndrome, and was dealing with my normal brain issues of not knowing how to start things.


I created 3-2-1 Journaling as a SIMPLE way to get myself to take action each and every morning, get my head in the game, and start my work day.


I shared it with clients, and they loved it too.


Over the years, I've created other journal prompts to help myself sort through my shit and take action. I made some journal cards with these prompts, but I don't think they worked well. It was easy to forget about them... kinda confusing on what to do... 


So recently I made a brand new journal with prompts on the pages. I love it. It's been so easy to stay consistent with journaling because I have the structure and discipline with the journal pages but also the flexibility and novelty of getting to pick which page I want to use. 



I'll be sharing the whole journal with you soon, but here is a quick sneak peek.





When I am done journaling, I feel better about myself, my day, my trajectory, and my life.


I can see myself taking action and moving closer on my goals.


i want that for you too.


Journal will be shared soon!


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