On the days it feels like you just can't

This morning I felt awful. It's the first day of my period, and I got to the gym and felt terrible. Bloated. Low energy. Kinda in a bad mood.


But on days like this, I no longer just let myself slide and not do things. Not doing things actually makes me feel worse, not better.


So I still made myself do things. Just not perfectly.



I got my PT and warmup done. And then I was supposed to run. My stomach hurt, and it just didn't feel like I physically could run. So I got on the stair master for 5 minutes, and then I called it a day and headed home.


I used to struggle with starting and stopping, but I don't anymore.

It's easier for me to just show up and still do something small on these days than it is to start and stop constantly. 


It makes it easier to stay consistent if you always have something small you're doing. 


It's not a perfect workout. It's not really sculpting this ideal physique. It's putting in a rep, putting something up other than a 0, and moving forward.


Today was a shitty workout on a day it felt like I just couldn't, and I think that's a win. Doing a shitty workout on a shitty day is a win.




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