On your worst days, still do something

Ah! Another post on this but it's important. This week has been kinda hectic with some travel and visits and just not the same routine I mostly enjoy.


And this is usually when things fall apart for people. They have to go on a trip. Or work gets hectic. Or family comes to visit. Or it's the holidays. We can fall apart when things aren't going how we want them to go.


Which is why I say anticipate those non-routine days. Anticipate that things are not going to go perfectly. They're going to be imperfect. But something not perfect doesn't mean you have to let everything fall apart.

Still do something.




Mornings- You miss your bootcamp class because you had to fly somewhere. Can you go for a 5-minute walk to start the morning? It's not perfect, but it's something.


Meals- It's a long day of work followed by driving the kids to football practice. You don't get to eat the perfectly prepared healthy meal you wanted to make. Can you bring an apple, protein bar, and bottle of water with you? Can you stop at McDonald's and get just a Happy Meal with a Diet Coke instead of a 20-piece chicken nuggets, large Coke, and fries? It''s not perfect, but it's something.


Movement- You run out of time because it's a busy work day, and you didn't exercise all day. Can you take the dog for a 10-minute walk? Can you lay on the floor and stretch or foam roll for 5 minutes It's not perfect, but it's something.




Showing up on your worst days and doing something instead of nothing will help you stay consistent, help you stop quitting on yourself, and help you stop feeling like shit.


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