Rewiring Your Brain with a New Mantra

beliefs consistency habits Nov 11, 2023

I am rereading the book You Are a Badass at Habits with one of my clients, and Jen Sincero recommends creating a mantra. It's been a while since I've done this type of work, and it's a great reminder.

We can't just focus on actions, but we also have to focus on our thoughts and our beliefs because those are the things that often prevent us from taking action.


My new mantra: It's fun and easy to go to the gym at night. I love working on my goal of squatting 200lbs.


I switched up my schedule and will be lifting at night instead of in the morning. And going at night has been tricky because in the moment, I just want to sit on the couch... So this mantra will remind me of my goal and remind me of what I really want... and motivate me to go to take action!


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