Running again!

My return to running has been so rocky and frustrating. Ups and downs and no linear path to being able to run long distances again.

I'm not sure if I will ever be able to again...

But today? Today I was able to run more than I've been able to run in a long time, and it felt so great.

I went to a treadmill class and had virtually no pain while running.

I felt so good. Proud, Happy. I haven't felt that high in a long time.

I usually go through life just barely doing okay and satisfied with that because I know it's so much better than the dark places I've been.

But today on the treadmill? Just so happy. Dancing. Having fun. Having a blast. 

Sprinting as fast as I could sprint. Moving for 55 minutes straight.


I hope I have more days like this. I'm not sure if I will. I'm not sure if things will get worse again before they get better. But today was at least fun. 


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