Running on the weekends

So I have been going to my running class again, which is something I've missed so much since leaving Chicago.


The run isn't pretty. I still have a lot of issues with my knee, hip, and now my foot too, but the doctors and PTs have said to not stop, so I do what I can in class.


I wish I could run perfectly. I wish I wasn't old and chronically hurting, but I don't know what else to do!


Anywho, I went to a trial running class months ago and loved it. The studio was so different than Chicago. It was a body-positive or at least body-neutral environment which is much different than the last studio that talked about weight loss all the time and made you feel like what you did at class wasn't enough.


There were times I had to walk or stop or stretch because of what was going on with my knee, hip, and foot. And I felt like I was going to get in trouble. Which, as someone who's almost 40, is not a good feeling. To go somewhere and spend money and feel like someone is mad at you for not doing things right instead of lifting you up for at least showing up.

My experience at this new studio is just that. I feel proud of myself for just showing up. If a coach sees me stopping to massage my leg, they come in to check in with me and offer a foam roller or Biofreeze. Ha! It's kinda silly when you're treated kindly and ya feel like that's a foreign concept. It should be the norm!


Paul has told me numerous times that I need to keep going. It's like one of the few things that makes me so happy. I can't run very well outside on cement, so being able to run/walk and stop when I need to on a super cushy and fancy treadmill has done wonders for me.


It's a bit of a drive and sometimes parking is a drag, but it's something that changes my mental health so much. There are gyms closer to our apartment but don't offer the same experience. There are barriers and challenges to getting to this run studio, but the experience, the kind-heartedness, the welcoming environment, the positive body talk, it all makes it worth it.


I typed to you today at a coffee shop after taking 2 classes in a row. This has become a little routine for me. I take a strength class followed by a running class and then head to the coffee shop to blog and plan for my day of coaching calls and a podcast.


Just so happy to have running again on the weekend. Sad it's not me training for a marathon, but happy that it's at least something and not nothing!


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