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clients small habits Sep 24, 2023

I almost missed today's blog! I was getting ready for bed, noticed my "small and doable daily action" list and noticed I didn't blog.

I was at a coffee shop earlier today and started a blog, but then my internet kept going out and wouldn't save... so here I am 12 hours later writing and SAVING this!


My client was sharing how they babysat their grandkiddo over the weekend, and it was hard to sit on the floor and play with him and even harder to get up from the floor.


We decided that was the PAIN they wanted to stop experiencing. Well, some of it is the emotional pain of fearing they will not be able to play with grandkids in the future. And some of it is the actual physical pain she feels in her body right now.


The PLEASURE my client wants to feel is the joy of playing with grandkids and the ease of being able to get down, get up, dance, walk, whatever.


We decided the SIMPLE AND DOABLE ACTIONS she would take is a few exercises in the morning. At first we chatted about 5 minutes every morning, and then I was like... oof, I think we should make it even smaller. Start small and build a habit and then add to it.


So she is just starting with 10 standing hip abductors on the left side and then 10 on the right. That's it. Probably about 60 seconds of work.



It will feel like it's not enough. But what it does is build the habit.


If you're trying to get consistent with something, start really small. Like really, really small. :)



My client's old identity was being inconsistent. Sedentary. Sporadic.

Her new identity is being a consistent and active person.



She's got this! You can too.


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