Showing up but doing something different

I went to my running class this morning, and I just walked the entire class.


I was chatting with Paul about how I needed to figure something out. I know I need rest days, but I am someone who struggles with task initiation. If I let myself pick a few days a week to not go to class, it's very easy for the whole week to fall apart. The truth is I would much rather just stay in my warm bed than get up and head to class. In the past, when I've not gone to class, it's fallen apart pretty quickly. 


So the compromise I made was I still need to get up and head to class, but I need to just walk a few times a week.


This keeps the habit of me waking up early in the morning but it goes easier on my body. And because I have a pretty sedentary job, I really do still need the movement. I need the daily steps!


And my mental health- I need to accomplish something for myself in the morning! 


So anywho, great morning walk. Great keeping my habits.




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