Showing up for 1 minute

Today on a coaching call, I guided my client to get consistent with working out for  1+ minute every morning. 

1 minute at the minimum and 15 minutes at the maximum.


When I work with clients, we write everything they're going to do on a piece of paper so we both are clear on the actions they need to take. 


I told her it was important that I write 1+ minute and not just 15 minutes because there is going to be a day over the next week where she wakes up late or the kids wake up early or something else unexpected happens, and she needs permission on paper to just workout for 1 minute.


1 minute will not change much, but 1 minute also changes a lot.


Showing up for 1 minute each day proves to yourself you are a consistent person. It helps you take daily action. And later on, once that habit is established, you can add on more.


I didn't want to write today's blog and then I told myself to just blog for 1 minute and then ended up typing for 5ish minutes. Sometimes committing to 1 minute surprises us, we get excited, and we want to keep going, we don't want to just stop at 1 minute.


And other days we just stop at 1 minute. That's okay too.


It's okay for me to write 1 line for my blog.

It's okay for my client to do 10 squats and call it a day.


Showing up for yourself each and every day for 1 minute will change your life. Give it a shot.


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