The 5 minute morning habit that sets me up for success

I say this habit sets me up for success because I know on the days I don't do it, I don't feel as great.

Yesterday was an example. I did not do this, and I felt like a mess.


Every morning I make a green smoothie for breakfast. I started doing this a few months ago to simplify breakfast. I was struggling to pick what to eat and often would not eat and then would feel not great the rest of the day: tired in the morning, snacky right after lunch, super hungry for dinner.


I knew I needed to start the day with some nutrient-dense calories. I knew that... I just didn't know what to put in the slot for breakfast... and then was like, Jaclyn, just commit to a smoothie because it has everything you need.


It has plants! I use a green powder (whatever is cheap at Bargain Market) and 1/2 banana and possibly spinach if we have it on hand because I like the bright green color when you blend spinach.


Protein! My smoothie has protein. Again I use whatever protein powder I have on hand. I love bargains. I found 2 tubs of vanilla protein powder for $4.50 recently, so my smoothies will have that for the next 2 months.


A lil processed plus. Now this is whatever helps make the thing taste good. I realize what I am about to say is not processed: avocado. Yes, I know avocados are plants, but they're high in fat versus something like spinach. So in my head, when it comes to how I will use avocado, avocado gets categorized as processed plus. A little avocado goes a long way.


Plenty of water. I use water or possibly a little almond milk if we have it on hand. But mostly water. Blend it up. I feel good after I drink it, and it keeps me fuller longer than say a bowl of cereal.


Taking the 5 minutes to make a smoothie helps me set my day up for success.


There are days I don't want to make it. There are days I think it's going to take too long. And when I don't make it, those are the days I am annoyed with myself for not following through. Those are the days I am snacky and searching for food all day. 

So after a day of not having one, I feel the natural consequences, and then recommit to taking aciton. :)


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