The best healthy breakfast...

is the one you will actually consistently eat.

For the past 3 months, that's been a plants+protein smoothie + something else, all using the 5Ps of course.

It's helpful for me to just have a smoothie so I know I am actually getting protein and I don't have to think about what I am going to eat.

My smoothie recipe:

1. Plants- green powder + half banana

2. Protein- protein powder

3. Processed+ - some almond milk + sliver of avocado. Yeah, I know that's not processed in the way McDonalds is processed, but I think of P3 as anything that isn't veg/fruit or protein.

4. Plenty of water- the rest of the cup is water!

5. Plate it- I sit down and drink it


If I lift weights, I am usually hungry and want more than that. I might have a quesadilla with 1 tortilla. I might have a seed cracker with hummus. I might have some toast. It kinda depends on what I am feeling. I let myself have some variety here. 



What's important for me when it comes to the best healthy breakfast:

1. Having structure that's easy and doable

2. Having variety and flexibility that makes it fun... and doable :)


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