Waiting until the 1st of the month to start again

Uncategorized May 29, 2024

We went on another mini trip last week! About 1 hour into the 3 hour car ride, I realized I left my computer at home and wouldn't have a way to blog. Womp, womp. Today is my first day back home, and I was eager to blog. It was missing in my day last week.


What's interesting is I could have piled on the shame and called myself an idiot for messing up again and vowed to myself to start over again and be perfect on the next first of the month.


Like we do with food and exericse.


But instead, I just got back on track once I got home. And here I am typing to you on the 29th of the month.


You don't have to be perfect. But you do have to take action.


Don't wait till the 1st of the month every month. Just take action day by day.


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