What can you get done on your worst day ever?

Well, today was not a bad mental health day but rather it was just a packed day with a full inbox everytime I opened it.

And then some issues around the house that popped up.


And then a pup who desperately needed a bath but we had no dog shampoo.


It was just things piling up one by one.


These are the days I'm glad I have a simple system for meals. I cannot execute a beautiful meal plan on these days or track WW points and weigh food on a scale.


Today was not a great day work and stress-wise, but it was an easy day when it came to food.


Because I always use the 5Ps:

1. Breakfast- Smoothie with protein powder, avocado, and banana and randomly a bowl of leftover spaghetti squash casserole

2. Lunch- bagged salad + chickpeas + chicken from TJ + kalamata olives + pickled onions + salad dressing + crunchies

3. Snack - mini RX bar

4. Dinner- small bowl of chili (made in the slow cooker over the weekend) topped with tortilla chips and cheese and small bowl of salad (same as lunch salad)

5. Dessert- haven't had it yet but it will probably be a protein shake and a sliced apple


These are simple meals I can get done on my worst days. Today was a shitty day. Tomorrow will be better. But the good news is I can still eat decently healthy on my worst day. It's not perfect. It's imperfect. It always is. But taking action on imperfect days rather than letting things fall apart keeps me moving forward...


My suggestion: creates some systems for meals so you can also execute on your worst days ever



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