What to do when you achieve your goal

I am listening to an audio book to help me work on my goal of squatting and deadlifting 200lbs, and in one chapter, she suggested signing yourself up for a competition or buying yourself something for achieving the goal.

And I've done those things in the past. They were fine.


I signed up for marathons to get myself to run.

I got a tattoo when I finished a tough workout program.


But ya know what happened when I achieved those goals?

I stopped doing the thing.

It was like I had arrived, I had awarded myself, and I was done.


But what I am doing now goes beyond a goal.

I am working on playing the infinite game rather than a finite game


A finite game comes to an end. You stop playing at some point. Races are finite games.

But I am working on continuing to play.


Once I squat and deadlift 200lbs, I'm not done with lifting.


I will continue to lift. The point of this workout program is to keep working out. 

I never actually arrive.


I might do another checkpoint of getting to 250lbs or something like that.
But the goal is really to keep lifting. Not stop.


So when you achieve your goal, keep going.


In fact, stop working on a goal.

Start constructing a system to help you take daily action.



I have been working on heading to the gym at 7pm every night. Some days I lift. Some days I walk.

But my system is heading to the gym.

And by heading to the gym and lifting consistently, I will achieve the mini goal of lifting 200lbs.


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