When you mess up, use the 3Rs

consistency Sep 28, 2023

Paul was laughing at me today because I was explaining the 3Rs to him, and he was like whhhhy do you have to make everything into an acronym and I was like I don't think 3Rs in a row are an acronym, they're just 3Rs... and also we need tools to move forward!


So the 3Rs. This is a tool I made up to help us move forward when we mess up. 


Usually when we mess up, we're think we're the only person in the world who has ever messed up, we're the only failure, the only F up. No, not true. 


The first R helps us remember we as humans make mistakes.


The second R helps us redirect our thoughts. When we get in the place of thinking about how we messed up, it's easy to stay stuck there and keep messing up. Reflecting on our motivation helps us figure out WHY we need to take action again.


And Recommit helps us take action again. It's not enough to just think about things or write them on paper. Things only change when you take action again. When you follow your system.



This is from Get Consistent With, my 8-week coaching program. I'm excited to share these tools to help you move forward too.


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