62: Super Self-Conscious About Being Seen Working Out? Get Comfy With the Uncomfy

anxiety body habits Apr 13, 2021

Last week I asked for topics and questions you'd like answered, and soooo many of you asked about how to be visible running outside when you're self-conscious  or how to feel confident enough to go to the gym when you feel self-conscious about your body or your ability.


Yes, this...

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61: When You're Not Following Through

consistency habits Apr 12, 2021
Systems for Self-Care
61: When You're Not Following Through

OK, so you know what you're supposed to be doing, but you're not consistently following through on the actions... 


You've spent a lot of time concocting plans! You have journals and printouts galore!

You have a fancy app for your workouts and you pay a monthly membership fee for it.


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60: Are You Stuck? Use This Tool to Get Unstuck

beliefs consistency habits Apr 08, 2021

One of the BIG reasons that I have been able to stick with healthy eating, running, lifting, daily reading, journaling, and waking up early is because I shifted my beliefs about myself. 


I used to see myself as a quitter.

I was never able to finish things.

I didn't think highly of...

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59: My Husband and I Don't Eat Exactly the Same

consistency habits meals Apr 07, 2021

Do you struggle with eating healthy because your significant other wants to eat differently?

Maybe your housemates love having cookies and pizza and tacos and pasta and beer in the house.

When it's time for dinner, you feel like you need to eat what they want because making two different meals is...

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58: 6 Steps to Being a Really Great Sleeper

consistency habits sleep Apr 06, 2021

Does your sleep suck? Maybe you aren't on a solid schedule or you're not getting quality sleep when you're in bed.


When your sleep sucks, you're more likely to reach for caffeine, sugar, and processed carbs to stay awake... which ends up messing up the next night of sleep too!


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56: 4 Things That Have Helped Me Stay Consistent With Solo Lifting

consistency habits movement Apr 01, 2021

Do you yo-yo (or maybe triangle) between lifting weights, running, and being a couch potato?

I mean like... maybe you find a really cool video program, gym, or personal trainer to lift weights,

and then you stop lifting weights because you're super focused on training for a race and there's only...

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53: The Magical Thought That Will Help You Take Action


You're really good at starting things, but shoot, you're also really good at stopping things.


You're really good at starting running plans and going to clinics at the running store, but when something in life pops up, you stop moving your body altogether.


You're really good at ...

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52: The Easiest “Drink More Water” Plan You’ll Ever Find

consistency habits meals Mar 09, 2021

Ok, so you want to drink more water.


Not drinking enough water leaves you feeling blah.


When you're not drinking much water, you're drinking alllll the coffees, the sodas, the energy drinks, the juices, etc.


When you're drinking more of that stuff, you're messing...

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51- 5 Steps to Eating Healthy and Actually Sticking with It

consistency habits meals Mar 08, 2021

5 Steps to Eating Healthy and Actually Sticking with It



I heard you are struggling with eating healthy and actually sticking with it long-term.

You're either way into clean eating or way into eating packages of cookie dough.

It's a consistency problem!




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50- Should You Go Streaking?

consistency habits movement Mar 06, 2021


Should you go streaking? The pros and cons.


Streaking=fully clothed, doing a “don’t break the chain” challenge with movement. Some people also do it with meals like a #Whole100.



1. You’re taking daily action!

2. You’re pushing through...

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