52: The Easiest “Drink More Water” Plan You’ll Ever Find

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Ok, so you want to drink more water.


Not drinking enough water leaves you feeling blah.


When you're not drinking much water, you're drinking alllll the coffees, the sodas, the energy drinks, the juices, etc.


When you're drinking more of that stuff, you're messing with your natural sleep schedule, you're spending a ton of extra unneccessary money, and yeah, you're drinking a ton of extra calories. 


I'm not going to take away your coffee, soda, energy drinks, and juice. I am just going to give you a plan to drink mostly water and yes, you can still have some of that stuff.


I'm also not going to focus a ton on weight gain and the scale because it's just not my passion, but yes, reducing liquid calories and replacing with plain ol' water is an easy, sustainable, and healthy way to lose weight and it's an easy, sustainable, and healthy way to feel good/not gross. 


Wouldn't you like to learn how to drink more water and actually stick with it every day?


I am going to teach you how to drink more water and it just be how you live life! You're going to be able to do this consistently and it just be a part of WHO you are.

There's no app or tracking ounces involved. 

You don't even have to spend any extra money on this!



I am going to give you 5 STEPS I want you to do to solve your water problem.

When you do these 5 Steps, you're going to stop feeling sluggish and you're going to stop feeling frustrated with yourself for consuming so much processed liquids.

You're going to feel energized. You're going to feel satisfied.


And you're going to be like, "Oh! Well that was really easy! Maybe if I create systems for self-care, I'll actually do things consistently!"



Because that's what I want for you.


I want you to have easy systems in place so you don't have to keep trying overcomplicated plans and apps for everything in life.


That's when people start and stop thing.


Having this water system in place is going to free up so much brain power for the actual hard parts of life.


Ready? Let's dive in to this cool pool of water!


STEP 1: Take your current weight and divide by 2. This is how many ounces you're going to aim for each day.

Listen, there are a bunch of different ideas out there for how much water to drink. There's no real right amount. It's just what is right for you which will take some trial and error to figure out. I just keep it easy and use this calculation. 



If you weigh 250lbs, you're going to aim for 125oz.

If you weigh 200lbs, you're going to aim for 100oz.

If you weigh 160lbs, you're going to aim for 80oz. 



Step 2: Go into your cabinet and find all your water bottles and protein shaker bottles to reflect the number above. (You know you own a bunch. Be a minimalist. Do not go buy extra stuff you don't actually need.)

Cool. You have your containers.

If you have water bottles, look on the bottom to see how many ounces are in each.

If you have protein shaker bottles, the number is usually on the side and. It's usually around 25 ounces, give or take a few. 

It's seriously okay to guestimate and not micromanage these numbers.



So if you weigh 200lbs, you're going to aim for 100oz of water. 

You have 3 protein shaker bottles. That's 75oz of water.

You have one 15oz Swell bottle

You have one 19oz stainless steel bottle.


Your five bottles: 75oz + 15oz + 19oz = 109oz

Congrats, you get extra credit for those extra 9 ounces!!



Step 3: Every EVENING before you go to bed, you're going to fill up your water bottles and set them on the counter so you're ready to start the drinking game in the morning!

Yes, I said in the evening! DING, DING, DING! This is where you need to build the habit.

Ok, so you are creating a system for self-care. (Oh hey- the name of this website!)

You're creating a system to drink more water. Drinking more water IS self-care.

In order for the system to be up and running smoothly every day, YOU MUST CREATE THE HABIT OF FILLING UP YOUR WATER BOTTLES IN THE EVENING.

Without that evening water filling habit in place, the "drink more water" plan will not happen. At least not consistently!


When you do the EVENING WATER FILLING HABIT, you have 0 prep work to do in the morning. Yay. That's good!


Below are my water bottles ready for tomorrow. I drink a lot of water.

This is 105 oz.




I sometimes have more than what's pictured here.

I also have 1-2 cups of coffee a day.

I might have some almond milk with a smoothie or a kombucha as a treat a few times a week, but that's usually it on my beverages.


Step 4: Show up and follow through with the system. Wake up, walk to your kitchen, see the water, and drink some.

I have my clients chug a glass and take their vitamins when they first wake up.



Maybe you chug half of one of your bottles.

Again, you don't need to micromanage the ounces.

You just need to get in the habit of drinking the bottles.




Step 5: Bring the other bottles with you to your WFH office or wherever you're going next. And drink!


This is my morning drinking adventures in my WFH office.


I just always have a water bottle with me.


You know how people say keys, phone, wallet?

I say keys, phone, wallet, water.


When you have a water bottle easily available right next to you, you're just more likely to drink it. There's not a ton of thought into it. It's there, it's easy, you drink!

You also don't have to stop at a gas station to buy a single use plastic bottle, and you'll be way less likely stop at McDonalds for a $1 Coke.  


You might not be able to drink all of it on the first day. That's fine. But maybe you drink a bit more each day! And you work your way up to drinking more water and less processed liquids.


This is the easiest "drink more water" plan you'll ever find.

This plan will work now.

It will work on weekends.

It will work on days you wake up late. (No having to fill bottles up! You prepped last night!)

It will work when you take a weekend trip! (Yes, you can and should bring bottles so you don't have to buy single use plastic bottles. OK, I know... Some countries, you'll have to buy the single use plastic... but come on, it'll be a minute till we can go there. And how great to be a healthy person now who drinks lots of water.)


You want to drink more water so you feel good and not gross. You want to be the person who just consistently takes daily action and moves their life forward.


When it comes to water, remember to:

1. Figure out how much water you're going to drink

2. Find containers you already own to hold said water.

3. EVERY SINGLE EVENING, fill up your water bottles and set them on the counter.

4. In the morning, chug some water and take your vitamins.

5. Bring the remaining bottles with you.




Want to ensure you do the EVENING WATER FILLING HABIT?


Use the 365 Habit Tracker! On the line, write "Fill water bottles every evening."

Once you're in the habit of doing this without even thinking about it, you can stop tracking it.

(It took me 5 months of tracking my reps to get in the habit of washing my face every evening!)


Grab the 365 Habit Tracker right here.


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