50- Should You Go Streaking?

consistency habits movement Mar 06, 2021


Should you go streaking? The pros and cons.


Streaking=fully clothed, doing a “don’t break the chain” challenge with movement. Some people also do it with meals like a #Whole100.



1. You’re taking daily action!

2. You’re pushing through...

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49- Getting Yourself to Do It Again

consistency habits movement Mar 04, 2021

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48- Thank Your Self-Sabotaging Thoughts and GO DO THE THING



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46- How to Get Back in Shape After Quarantine or a Winter Slump

consistency habits movement Mar 02, 2021


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26- Breaking Bad Habits

habits Jan 28, 2021


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25- Fitness Trackers

habits movement Jan 27, 2021


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20- Where to Even Start

habits Jan 22, 2021

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18- Do the Thing

habits Jan 20, 2021


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15- How Many New Habits at One

habits Jan 12, 2021

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8- Going the Wrong Way and Not Moving Forward

habits Jan 05, 2021

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